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Planetary Speed Reducer in Rotary Cobalt Machine May 17, 2018

1 Overview Rotary drilling rigs are mostly used in pile foundation engineering. Unlike other high-precision engineering machinery, their specialized level is not high, and they are developed through continuous practice and innovation. Rotary drilling rigs in the construction process require that the rotating speed is not high, which requires a large reduction ratio. Currently, most rotary rigs in the market use longer deceleration chains to achieve the purpose of deceleration. There are many mechanical transmission chains and mechanical failures. , Noise, low efficiency, overall machine performance instability and other shortcomings. In response to the current market demand and demand potential, simplifying the mechanical transmission chain of the rotary drilling rig, and applying the planetary reducer with features such as large transmission ratio, compact structure, small volume, and high transmission efficiency (single stage reaching 96%~99%), the effect is obvious. .

Our factory timely launched a new generation of TS-20A rotary drilling rig. The planetary reducer achieved the expected design effect through the application of TS-20A rotary drilling rig.

2 Planetary speed reducers In the machinery manufacturing industry, it is increasingly desired to realize high-power and high-efficiency transmission under conditions of small structural size and quality. The use of planetary gear trains can meet this requirement. Compared with the fixed-gear gear transmission, the planetary gear transmission has the advantages of small size, light weight, large carrying capacity, large transmission power range, high efficiency, and stable operation.

The planetary gear train means that one or more gear axes in the train are rotating during transmission. See the structure.

It can be seen from the above that the planetary gear reducer (hereinafter referred to as the planetary reducer) can use multiple planetary wheels to be evenly distributed around the center wheel. In this way, several planetary wheels can be used to share the load to reduce the size of the gear, and at the same time, the radial force component of each meshing position and the centrifugal inertial force generated by the revolution of the planetary wheel can be balanced to reduce the internal pressure in the main bearing. Force, increase the smoothness of the operation.

In addition, in the planetary gearbox for power transmission, there is almost internal meshing, which improves the space utilization, and the input shaft and the output shaft are on the same axis, so the radial size of the planetary reducer is very compact.

The planetary gear train transmission structure diagram Our factory independently develops and develops series reducers for the disadvantages of the engineering rig's transmission chain complexity and low transmission efficiency. The reducer adopts the principle of infinite life design, nodular cast iron precision casting shell, sealed design, directly from the refueling Lubricants are lubricated by mouth injectors, which are simple and convenient. The sun gears and planetary gears are made of special materials that are tempered, carburized, and ground. The output shaft is supported by strong and ductile bearings to increase wear resistance and prolong service life. Designed using computer simulation tests, the material rigidity requirements and gap control, full optimization design, all digital detection control, and thus obtain high positioning accuracy; strict tolerance range, plus professional gear processing experience, Reliable process equipment and testing equipment ensure that the noise generated by gear meshing is minimized, and the meshing precision and transmission efficiency are improved.