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Permanent Magnetic Separator Jan 25, 2018

Permanent magnet magnetic separator without continuous excitation, no power consumption, the magnetic system without energy and cooling system, and the compact structure, light weight, small footprint, low manufacturing and operating costs, easy operation and maintenance, stable performance, Is a kind of energy saving, efficient and cheap equipment, its ideal space for development.

Product Series

Magnetic separator magnetic system:

The use of high-quality ferrite materials or composite with rare earth magnets, cylinder table average magnetic induction intensity of 100 ~ 600mT.

Permanent magnetic separator

Permanent magnetic separator

Can provide downstream, semi-countercurrent, countercurrent and many other forms of strong magnetic separation. The magnetic separator has the advantages of simple structure, large capacity, convenient operation and easy maintenance.

Wet permanent magnetic drum magnetic separator:

Wet permanent magnetic drum magnetic separator is a commonly used iron ore concentrator magnetic separator, it is suitable for sorting strong magnetic minerals.

Wet permanent magnet barrel magnetic separator in accordance with the tank structure is divided into cis, counter-flow, semi-counterflow three.

Wet permanent magnetic drum magnetic separator in addition to the magnetic separation plant as a sorting device, but also used as a pre-filtration equipment to replace the magnetic dehydration tank.

Magnetic field magnetic separator:

Magnetic field magnetic separator many types, according to the operating conditions are divided into wet and dry; according to the magnetic source is divided into electromagnetic and permanent magnetic; according to the device structure is divided into disc, roller, flat ring, vertical ring, induction Roller and so on.

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