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Yanzhou Mine Transformation And Upgrading Of High-tech Road Jan 23, 2018

Yankuang Group owned subsidiary of Xi'an Yankuang R & D Design Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Yankuang Xi'an Science and Technology") independently developed "high-precision mobile command scheduling system" equipment recently appeared in the third civil-military integration and development of high-tech equipment results closed-door exhibition . The exhibition is the most authoritative, comprehensive and exemplary exhibition in the field of military and civilian integration of weapons and equipment in the country. Among the more than 300 exhibitors, Yankuang Group is the only coal enterprise. This equipment was also recently attracted by the successful application of the equipment to an information-based force and the participation of Zhu Ri and the parade.

A coal company even made such sophisticated equipment, unexpected and full of curiosity. Recently, with many questions, the reporter interviewed Xi'an Yankuang Technology Executive Director and General Manager Zhang Yuan Gang.

Achieve sub-meter or centimeter-level positioning

Coal enterprises to create sophisticated equipment

"Many people do not believe that a coal company has advanced into the top exhibition of Chinese military and civilian integration." Zhang Yuangang, executive director and general manager of Xi'an Yankuang Technology Co., Ltd., still can not conceal his heart's excitement and pride. Indeed, in the selection, an expert once questioned the "high-precision mobile command and dispatch system": "A coal company, can produce such sophisticated equipment?"

"In fact, Xi'an Yankuang Science and Technology currently has 24 intellectual property rights, of which 2 invention patents, utility model patents 6, software copyright 16 Item, is applying for 6 national defense patents, more than 10 invention patents. "This is the best evidence of scientific strength of coal enterprises!" Zhang Yuan Gang said.

Zhang Yuangang told reporters that "high-precision mobile command and dispatch system" is a military and civilian dual-use products, with map positioning, video calls, voice communications, video surveillance, alarm messages and other functions, enabling sub-meter or centimeter-level positioning for command Training, exercise combat, logistics fleet management. The system was not only selected into the "Third Exhibition of High-tech Equipment and Equipment for the Integration of Military and Civilization", but also entered the final of the "Second China Civil and Military Dual Technology Innovation and Application Contest" hosted by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and was selected as outstanding project.

Due to the good performance of "high-precision mobile command and dispatch system" in military training and exercises, the user has officially reported the scientific research project of this project.

"This has boosted our confidence and our transformation and upgrading have leapt to this wider avenue of integration of civilians and civilians!" Zhang Yuangang said Yankuang Xi'an Science and Technology will continue to cultivate in the military field. At present, the Company has signed strategic cooperation agreements with a number of military institutes, including China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation Aerospace Fourth Hospital and China North Industries Electronics Corporation Northern Institute of Electronics, to conduct in-depth cooperation on the special applications of military technology in the coal industry.

"High barriers to entry into the military field, high product quality requirements, several orders of magnitude higher than civilian products." Zhang Yuangang said with deep feeling that they must have obtained the three most important qualifications in the field of military industry and they have obtained the most important and most difficult to obtain Of the "two-level security certificate", the other two qualification certificates, will soon be able to obtain.

Aiming at the Beidou series of national strategies

R & D in seven years buried

"Our philosophy is to create a Beidou-featured information technology service provider that is 'good for the world and good for the earth.'" Zhang Yuangang said in his memory.

Zhang Yuangang introduced that in 2010, Xi'an Yankuang Science and Technology Corporation was established in Xi'an. It is based on the strengths of universities and scientific research institutes in Xi'an and Xi'an and facilitates the combination of industry, academia and research. In cooperation with academic institutions and military research institutes, Xi'an Yankuang Science and Technology feel that Beidou series is a national strategy, there are certainly a lot of articles to do, two years later, Beidou began to participate in product development, through recruitment to attract top talent, around the information Construction and satellite navigation applications of the two core business, focusing on "Beidou +", "mining industry intelligence" two product systems, forming a number of characteristics and advantages of products.

In 2013 and 2015, General Secretary Xi Jinping proposed the "Belt and Road Initiative" and the national strategy of "military and civilian integration." Xi'an Yankuang Technology quickly seized this golden opportunity, meets the military, builds a high-level cooperation platform, participates in the overseas military-civilian integration demonstration project based on Beidou-3 and develops high-level application terminals.