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Good Quality PF Impact Crusher With High Capacity Feb 03, 2018

Impact Crusher Introduction:

1. PF Series Impact Crusher can crush 220-300mm the following materials, basalt, limestone and other compressive strength up to 320MPa.

2, Impact Crusher with high operating efficiency, low operating costs, easy maintenance and so on.

3, crushed material was cube-like, is the preferred equipment for roads, railways, water conservancy, airports, building materials and other industries.

4, hard rock broken, no board connection, high efficiency hair stick, special impact board


1. Broken high efficiency and low energy consumption. Generally 0.5 ~ 1.3 kW · h / t. As the impact strength of the material ten times less than the compressive strength, so the impact crusher energy saving than the jaw crusher 1/3, energy saving 1/2 ~ 4/5 than the drum crusher.

Broken than big. Generally about 20, the height can reach 50 ~ 60, or even larger, so you can reduce the number of debris, simplify the production process, save investment and reduce production costs.

3 simple structure. Easy to manufacture, easy to operate and maintain