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Introduction Of Jaw Crusher Jan 12, 2018

Jaw crusher commonly known as jaw broken, also known as the tiger mouth. The moving jaw and the static jaw two jaws form a crushing chamber, simulating the movement of two jaws of an animal to complete the material crushing operation of the crusher. Widely used in mine smelting, building materials, roads, railways, water conservancy and chemical industries in a variety of ore and bulk materials crushing. The highest crushing material is 320Mpa.

Common jaw crushers are available with double toggle and single toggle. The former moves jaw only for simple arc swing at work, so it is also called simple swing jaw crusher; the latter also makes up and down movement while swinging arc.

Domestic jaw crusher manufacturers vary greatly in technical level, a small number of manufacturers of products close to the advanced world level, while most manufacturers of products with the world advanced level gap. Jaw crusher rack a large proportion of the quality of the whole machine (casting rack accounted for 50%, welding rack accounted for 30%). Foreign jaw crusher is welding rack, and even moving jaw also uses welded structure. Jaw crusher welding rack is the development direction. Domestic jaw crusher rack structure design examples of many unreasonable, the reason is not according to the actual force of the crusher to place the stiffener.

With the emergence of impact-resistant large-scale rolling bearings, the use of compound pendulum jaw crusher instead of the simple swing crusher trend, which is because under the conditions of the same circumstances, the former than the latter increased by 30% of production capacity; in the two When the same production capacity, the former than the latter to reduce the weight of 20% to 30%. However, some problems still exist in the structure of the compound pendulum jaw crusher, which needs to be improved.