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High Quality Impact Crusher With ISO CE Certification Jan 30, 2018

Impact crusher is mainly used for granite, marble, limestone and other compressive strength less than 350MPa all kinds of stone, rock once, twice, crushing broken. Impact crusher is widely used in roads, railways, reservoirs, electricity, building materials and other industries sand production.

When the crusher is working, the motor drives the rotor to rotate at a high speed, on the rotor with the hammer. When the material enters the area where the hammer acts, the material is continuously thrown against the impact device above the rotor under the high-speed impact of the hammer. Then the material bounces off the impact lining and the hammer is destroyed again. Materials from small to large in the impact chamber repeatedly rolling. The process does not stop until the material is crushed to the desired size and then exits the outlet.

Cubic shaped final product

2 adjustable final product size, simple crushing process;

3, plate hammer with high chromium, wear-resistant, strong impact,

4. Non-key connection, easy maintenance, cost savings;

5, good construction, high efficiency.