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Panzhihua titanium concentrate annual output ranks first in the country Jan 26, 2018

Recently, the author learned from Panzhihua Iron and Steel Group Mining Co., Ltd., 2017, Panzhihua titanium concentrate production and efficiency both hit a record high, to return to the first domestic titanium concentrate production enterprises.

"Last year, the production capacity of titanium concentrate surpassed 70,000 tons of the most powerful competitor in China. Thanks to Pangang continuing its efforts in scientific and technological research over the years, continuous research has been conducted on the key process technology." According to Panzhihua Iron and Steel Science and Technology Planning Department, responsible person introduced, after years of scientific and technological research, Panzhihua Iron and Steel not only capture less than 0.038 mm fine-grained titanium concentrate recovery worldwide problems, and the implementation of the entire tailings depth of the recycling project so that Midi Titanium Plant 7.6 million tons of tailings are used in depth every year.

In 2017, with the soaring prices of titanium concentrates, researchers at Panzhihua Iron and Steel Institute made precise efforts to optimize indicators and successfully cracked the world code - smooth selection of low-grade tailings with an average titanium content of only 3.7% Out of 46% qualified titanium concentrate. The move marks a further leap forward in the comprehensive utilization of resources of Panzhihua vanadium titano-magnetite. At the same time, the domestic low-grade ilmenite resources, economic and efficient use of play a huge role model.

As the titanium product market continues to heat up, the Titanium Plant of Panzhihua Iron and Mining Company conducts in-depth analysis on the status quo of the production process and technical indicators, adheres to the work train of thought on scientific and technological innovation and process optimization, and comprehensively and thoroughly conducts scientific and technological work. The plant set up scientific and technological research group to carry out the SSS-Ⅱ-2750 vertical high gradient magnetic separation machine selected titanium test study of a section of strong magnetic tailings sweep test research, flotation internal process and pharmaceutical system optimization and drying line capacity research , All-round promotion of titanium concentrate production capacity. Strengthen the production organization, optimize the production process, improve the technological transformation, do a good job of raw ore inclined plate, 38 m big well, flotation, ball mill and other key positions of the technology inspection. Under the condition that the existing equipment is unchanged and the amount of ore is reduced, the output of titanium concentrate in this plant will increase production by 30,000 tons over the same period.

Panzhihua Iron and Steel Company Xingmao tailings resource utilization branch for the flotation machine board junction, tail water quality is poor, weak magnetic machine to the mine box wear poor, frequent dosing system failure and other production bottlenecks, pumping fine soldiers will be strong The formation of technical research teams, has launched a regular full stop on the Central pool dredging operations, transformation of the 630 cyclone system, improve the 3245 ball mill grinding process, transformation and upgrading of flotation line mixing system, flotation automatic dosing system flow optimization And technological innovation, business indicators hit the best level of production.

Panzhihua Iron and Steel Company Baima beneficiation tailings titanium production line in February 2017 formally put into production. The production line is Baima concentrator iron ore tailings re-selection process, the selection of ore containing titanium grade is extremely low, the average grade of only 3.7%, far below the native titanium magnetite 8-10% industrial grade, while the composition of the ore Complex, its sorting difficulty is called the industry's world-class password. To this end, the mining company Baima concentrator to reach the production of upscale attack team, has overcome the problem of high sulfur content of titanium concentrate unsustainable problems, the interference of olivine in the process of titanium selection, grinding and grading system of high-frequency sizing grading Inefficient and many other difficulties. White horse titanium production line put into operation only 11 months to achieve a monthly production, the operation of the target stability, product quality and cost have exceeded the design level.