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Characteristics of automatic Grinding machine Aug 11, 2017

Using this characteristic of solid abrasive grinding, according to the relative trajectory density distribution between the workpiece and the grinding wheel, the abrasive density distribution is rationally designed so as to make the abrasive wear in the grinding process not affect the precision of the abrasive face, thus greatly improve the precision of the workpiece and avoid the trouble of dressing the abrasive. In the plane solid abrasive grinding, the rotary movement of the abrasive is the main movement, the workpiece movement is auxiliary movement. In most cases, the workpiece is floating pressure on the abrasive, the movement of the law is unknown. Therefore, it is necessary to analyze the force of the workpiece in order to find out its stress state and motion law. Taking the workpiece as the separating body of the whole grinding system, the work force balance differential equation is established, and the motion law of the workpiece can be obtained by solving the equation.

Grinding machine host using speed control motor drive, configuration high-power deceleration system, soft start, soft stop, smooth operation. Through the upper and lower grinding plate, the sun wheel, the cruise star wheel in the process of forming four direction, the speed of coordinated grinding movement, to reach the upper and lower surface grinding at the same time efficient operation. The lower grinding disc can be lowered to facilitate the workpiece loading and unloading. The pneumatic solar wheel variable direction device accurately controls the grinding precision and speed of both sides of the workpiece. The correction wheel is fitted randomly to correct the parallel error of the upper and lower grinding disk.

Grinding Basket Grinder inherits the characteristics of the two processes in a machine, a working procedure, and can be used as a dispersing machine separately (when the dispersing disk is in the working position and the grinding basket is not down). For the need to grind the material, but also to achieve the first dispersion after grinding function (when the grinding basket down to the work position, the material can be highly efficient grinding).