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Principle of automatic Grinding machine Aug 11, 2017

Grinding machine using stepless speed control system, can easily adjust the grinding speed of various parts. Using the electro-pneumatic proportional valve closed-loop feedback pressure control, can independently control the pressure device. The upper plate is provided with a slow down function to prevent the crushing of the crisp workpiece. Through a time relay and a grinding counter, the grinding time and the number of grinding rings can be accurately set and controlled according to the processing requirements. Work can adjust the pressure mode, to achieve grinding set time or lap speed will automatically stop alarm prompts to achieve semi-automatic operation.

Grinding machine speed control method, grinding process has three stages, that is, start stage, formal stage and end stage, start the stage of grinding wheel speed rotation, the formal phase of the grinding tool constant speed rotation, the end stage of the grinding wheel spin down, the characteristic is that in the beginning of the grinding process, the acceleration of the artificial control tool speed from the zero from slow to fast increase, when the grinding wheel speed up to the official grinding speed of half, the change in the acceleration of an inflection point, control of the speed of the grinding wheel from the maximum to slow down the acceleration Until the abrasive speed to the official grinding rate, the speed of the grinding wheel reduced to zero. C