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Laiwu coal machine full international high-end Fan Jan 27, 2018

As of January 5, PYH-12 disc pressure filter has been successfully run for two months, filtered dehydration moisture fully meet the user filtration requirements. "Shandong Energy Heavy Group Laiwu Coal Machinery Company Deputy General Manager, Chief Engineer Shi Xiaohui Introduction said.

It is understood that this amino acid chemical industry in Shandong before the methionine materials used in the import of equipment in Germany. Due to the restriction of imported equipment, the company entrusted Laiwu Coal to develop a domestic pressurized filter suitable for the chemical industry in order to completely break down the import equipment is expensive, high maintenance costs and the supply of imported equipment parts is not timely and thus serious Restrictions on production bottlenecks. Pressurized filter in the methionine chemical industry successful application, completely broke the monopoly of imported equipment in this industry.

According to reports, pressure filtration technology is currently an advanced international solid-liquid separation technology. As a national "Eighth Five-Year" key project, from the early 90s of last century, Laiwu coal machine bear the task of manufacturing the first pressurized filter, and in 1993 manufactured the first domestic GPJ6013-type pressure filter industrial prototype Successfully applied to the Zaozhuang Bayi Coal Mine Coal Preparation Plant and mastered the core technology of the pressurized filter capable of reaching the international advanced level, making China the third country to master this manufacturing technology after Germany and Austria.

For more than 20 years, according to the market demand, Laiwu Coal Machine relies on its own technological development capability and continuously updates and upgrades the products, and has successively developed the 7th generation intelligent pressure filter, the product structure is more advanced, reasonable and the degree of automation is higher and higher , Its technical performance indicators reached the international advanced level, in some respects have exceeded the level of foreign countries, made a national invention patents and 12 national utility model patents, presided over the drafting of the national standard pressure filter, has won the "National Customer Satisfaction Products "," brand-name products in Shandong Province "and many other honorary titles, the products exported to Vietnam, the Congo (gold) and other countries. Up to now, about 600 pressurized filters are being applied in the world, of which 500 are designed and manufactured by the company, accounting for more than 90% market share.

"The pressure filtration machine produced by Laiwu Coal Machine can replace the imported products and has a very high price / performance ratio.It is worth popularizing and applying the world advanced products in terms of technology, performance, cost, efficiency and pressure filter." Recently, China Iron and Steel Association sponsored "pressurized filter application technology exchange promotion meeting", China Coal Machinery Industry Association, Zhang Yong, commented.

In recent years, Laiwu Coal Machine has continuously "plowed into" coal-mining machine plates and actively explored "non-coal" fields under the environment of capacity-building and supply-side structural reforms in the coal industry. The main products of pressurized filter successfully applied to the coal, iron ore, aluminum concentrate, copper concentrate and other industries at the same time, and actively to the methionine treatment, phosphate processing and other fields "advance" and continuously expand the application space.

"For the pressurized filter equipment to be successfully applied in the chemical industry, we passed the semi-industrial tests of nearly one hundred times and finally determined the best filter cloth model, equipment working pressure and feed concentration, and obtained accurate experimental data. "Laiwu coal machine senior engineer, project manager Yang Zhen said:" In the equipment R & D design process, the majority of engineering and technical personnel storming difficulties, completed 11 innovation points, while the device has been repeatedly improved, the pressurized storage From the traditional horizontal to vertical, the weight reduced from 32 tons to 25 tons, cost savings of 120,000 yuan.

"Next, Laiwu coal machine will continue to actively play its own advantages, get rid of 'coal dependence' to speed up the pace of conversion of old and new kinetic energy, and strive to expand the application of pressurized filter space, the most advantageous equipment to do better and stronger, really take up National washing equipment large-scale, localization of the task of producing the world's largest washing equipment and the best washing products, a truly national washing industry 'vanguard', the world pressure filter manufacturing 'leader '. "Laiwu Coal Company Party Secretary, Chairman Feng Tao said