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Attention of Grinding Machine Aug 11, 2017

Grinding machine is widely used in coal pulverizing system of thermal power plant, however, the vibration of the transmission shaft and the broken teeth of the small teeth have puzzled the safety production of the system, and the mill pulverizing system in the previous period was plagued by these two defects, even affected the fuel supply of the unit, the effect was remarkable, the transmission shaft vibration was less than 0.08mm.

Specific measures:

1, the tooth top clearance is one of the important assembly parameters of the gear transmission device, which stipulates that the clearance of large and small tooth wheels is 7.5-8.5mm, the actual production, the equipment after a long run, the large gear tooth ring is subjected to the stress impact deformation, from the original circular gradient to the ellipse, so its tooth top clearance partial even below 6mm, in the actual adjustment process should turn the tooth top clearance to 8.5-10mm to reduce the impact caused by the clearance of the top of the tooth, resulting in an overload fracture of the tooth

2, the tight force of the large gear ring is also one of the important reasons causing its deformation. In practice, in addition to increase the bolt tightening force, with 10mm thick steel plate to connect the large gear ring joint, increase the fastening surface, prevent the tooth ring deformation, to ensure that the main, from the wheel angle speed consistent, to prevent the change in transmission ratio caused by inertia force, resulting in fatigue fracture.

3, the full lubrication of the shaft bearing is also the main reason to ensure its smooth operation, using the traditional regular, manual refueling, this is to ensure that the bearings are sufficient lubrication, but it is easy to lead to excessive or insufficient amount of lubricating oil, it is recommended that the use of mechanical timing, quantitative scientific replenishment of grease, so as to ensure the proper lubrication of bearings, reduce vibration, to avoid bearing wear and cage rupture, prolong life.c