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GN High-Energy Cone Crusher Of EO Oct 27, 2017

GN high-energy cone crusher, as the latest crusher, has advantage of improving the production capacity of the crusher under the condition of without increasing equipment specification. It adopts more compact, portable and economical crushing equipment than other cone crushers in technological development. Our company designs high-energy cone crusher suitable for crushing hard rocks through the structural update of main components under the premise of no unnecessary equipment weight. The crusher has adjustable crushing granularity from coarseness to fineness, and its production capacity is a grade larger than cone crusher with the same specification.
 Non-contact parts in the equipment adopt protective labyrinth seal to prevent dust and pollutant from entering. The product has functions of hydraulic lock and hydraulic adjustment, excess iron release and cavity cleaning. The matched hydraulic system and lubrication system protect safe and normal operation of equipment, and especially hydraulic system can push the cylinder to adjust the size of ore discharge port to control discharging granularity and output, and doesn't need any hoisting equipment or manual method for rotary adjustment.