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Gravity Concentrator Machinery Aug 11, 2017

Gravity concentrator is a kind of equipment, including jig, heavy medium concentrator and centrifugal concentrator, which uses the difference between the density and the granularity of the ore grains and the gangue in the moving medium.

The jig is formed by using diaphragm, piston or compressed air to form water flow in the tank, so that the ore grains placed on the screen are stratified by density and granularity under pulsating flow. The density of the ore particles through the sieve on the bed of the stone layer, gathered at the bottom of the water tank to become a concentrate, discharged from the vent.  There are trapezoidal jig, double chamber movable cone jig and complex vibrating jig used in the separation of metal ore. A side-drum jig for coal selection and a jig for the Sieve air chamber. Heavy medium concentrator is the use of suspension or heavy liquid as heavy medium, so that the separation of ore particles and gangue. There are mainly heavy medium vibrating chute, heavy medium rotary liquid, inclined wheel heavy medium coal separator and vertical wheel heavy medium coal separator.

Centrifugal concentrator is a machine for recovering metal ore particles in fine slime, which is mainly composed of two parts, host and control mechanism. In the Centrifugal force field produced by the high speed rotation of the conical drum of the main engine, the heavy ore grains are deposited on the drum wall to become concentrate, and the light mineral grains are attached to the surface of the concentrate, which is affected by the flow film (pulp flow), and the drum is discharged into the tailings.

Magnetic separator is the use of various minerals magnetic differences, with the use of magnetic force and mechanical force on the role of mineral separation machinery. Magnetic separator is composed of magnetic system, sorting device, Ore-drawing device and ore-discharging equipment. There are many kinds of magnetic separator, such as permanent magnet cylinder type magnetic separator, electromagnetic flat ring strong magnetic separator and high gradient strong magnetic separator.