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Maintenance Of Mine Equipment Aug 11, 2017

First, the machines to avoid collisions to ensure that the machines are clean and do not corrode the chemicals of the collaborating objects.

Secondly, the mining machinery bearing shoulder the entire load of the machine, so in a very big relationship with good lubrication bearing life, it directly affects the machine's operating rate and life needs, so the lubricant injection clean, so that the injection of lubricating oil must be clean, the seal must be good.

Finally, the equipment routine inspection and reinforcement, inspection results should be recorded, not only including past records, maintenance, change records, but also include the use and workload of daily records, in order to analyze, Judge mechanical failure, timely and accurately eliminate the trouble. Advantages and shortcomings in the use of machines and equipment have limited the quality of engineering progress and cost to a large extent. In the use of mechanical equipment, mechanical and environmental factors directly affect the performance of the two major mechanical equipment used in good or bad process. Machinery and equipment for improving performance must be strengthened by two major factors in mechanical and environmental management.