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PYT Cone Crusher Nov 03, 2017

PYT cone crusher is one of main machine for intermediate crushing and fine crushing of various ores or rocks in the industries of metallurgy, chemical industry, building materials, hydropower, and road construction, and features reliable structure, stable operation, convenient regulation and high production efficiency. When the crusher works, the motors rotates and drives the eccentric bushing through the coupling or belt pulley, drive shaft and cone gears, and the crushing cone part is forced by the eccentric bushing to rotate and swing around a fixed point, which enables the crushing walls of the crushing cone to be close to or away from surface of crushing wall fixed on the regulation sleeve or upper bracket and crush the ores in the crushing cavity under continuous impact, squeezing and bending effects, and crushed ores are discharged into the crushing cavity depending on its gravity. When some foreign matters unable to be crushed pass through the crushing cavity or the machine is overload for some reasons, springs or a hydraulic safety system can protect the machine and enlarge the ore discharge port. After the foreign matters are discharged from the crushing cavity, the ore discharge port automatically restores under the effect of spring, and then the machine restores work.