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Operation method and precautions of vacuum drying box May 05, 2018

 The use of vacuum drying box operation steps:

    1. Vacuum Debugging:

    First of all, close the door and handle the doors to close the position, closing the vent valve (so that the rubber plug hole and release valve on the Hole twist 90°), open the vacuum valve (by counterclockwise rotation 90°), the first use of the possible vacuum valve switch is tight, can be forcibly rotated. The vacuum tube suction pipe and the vacuum pump are connected firmly by the vacuum connecting pipe of the random fittings.

    Connect the vacuum pump power supply, start pumping gas, when the vacuum meter indicates that the value reaches -0.1mpa, first close the vacuum valve and turn off the pump power supply, in order to prevent the vacuum pump oil backflow to the work room, at this time the box is in a vacuum state.

    2. Vacuum Box Debugging:

    After the completion of the vacuum test, you can do the following: First open the Vacuum box power supply, when the Power led Chongliang (6090 and 6210 should be turned on the control thermometer switch) control thermometer power self-test, PV screen display working room temperature measurement, SV screen shows the factory set temperature.

    Control thermometer on at and heat lamps should be bright, indicating the working state of the instrument into the heating.

    Modify setting temperature 1. Press the function key of the control thermometer (SET);

    The PV screen displays the SP character, can use the key Head button to set the change of temperature (6090 and 6210 type 2 and 3 meters should be set separately, the following is similar).

    2. After the modification, click the Set key, the PV screen display St characters, set the timing time.

    If you do not use the timer function, still let it st=0 3. Click the set key again, so that the PV screen shows the studio temperature, the SV screen shows the new set temperature.

    instrument at and heat light, at this time the instrument again into the working state of heating. When the working room temperature is close to set the temperature, heat light suddenly dim, indicating that the heating into the PID adjustment stage, the meter sometimes measured temperature over the set temperature, sometimes below the set temperature is normal phenomenon.

    When the measurement temperature is close to or equal to the set temperature, then wait for the 1~2h after the studio into a constant temperature state, the article into the drying stage.

    The required temperature is low, can be used two times set, such as the required operating temperature of 70 ℃, the first set 60 ℃, such as the temperature overshoot began to fall, and then the second set 70 ℃, so as to reduce or even eliminate the temperature overshoot, as soon as possible into the thermostat state.

    When the article is dry, turn off the power, if the acceleration of cooling, then open the valve to make the vacuum degree of 0, 5 minutes or so open the box door. If the humidity of the work room is larger, the water vapor will affect the performance of the vacuum pump, it is suggested that a "dryer/filter" Be strung between the dryer and the vacuum pump.

    The company can be on demand with a shape size for φ120x300mm, the interface od φ16 dryer. 4. If in the process of drying goods, the need to add nitrogen and other inert gases, should be noted in the contract, add an intake valve.