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Grinding Machine characteristics Aug 11, 2017

A grinding machine for grinding the surface of a workpiece with a grinding tool coated or embedded with abrasives.

It is mainly used for high precision plane, inner and outer cylindrical surface, conical surface, spherical surface, thread face and other surface in grinding workpiece.

The project team developed the new technology of grinding machine, namely the new high-speed grinding machine. Due to the advanced performance, the relevant grinding machine prototype has been in the country Within more than 10 units have been applied, but also two export to Australia, by the domestic and foreign users of the general acclaim. This technique is limited to the processing of individual parts, application is not universal, but also should further improve the processing technology, optimize the grinding process parameters, expand the scope of grinding processing, but also to improve the grinding machine, improve the performance of grinding machine, improve the shape of grinding machine, so that it is practical and commercialized to the extent of wider application.