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Ozone generator solves the problem of disinfection in bread production Apr 30, 2018

Bread is a kind of flour with water and other auxiliary raw materials, such as mix thoroughly, fermented and baked food. In the long years of ancient times, white bread is the luxury of the upper elite, the general public can only rye made of black bread for food.

 Until the 19th century, flour processing machinery has been greatly developed, wheat varieties have been improved, the bread has become soft and slippery white. Most of today's bread is produced by the factory's automated production lines. As the flour in the finishing process of the vitamin loss of more, so the United States and other countries in the production of bread often add vitamins, minerals and so on.

In addition, many people think that the preservation of bran and malt is more beneficial to health, so rough bread again popular. Bread is a huge amount of food production and marketing, with many manufacturers, a wide range of consumers, sweet and delicious, rich nutrition, easy to eat and so on, the market development space is huge.

 However, bread because of nutrient-rich, susceptible to microbial contamination, after the problem of moldy deterioration. The ozone generator is a device for producing ozone gas (O3). The ozone gas generated by the ozone generator can be used directly, or it can be mixed into the reaction by mixing devices and liquids.

Widely used in drinking water, sewage, industrial oxidation, food processing and preservation, pharmaceutical synthesis, space sterilization and other fields. The use of this equipment in the bread disinfection can effectively prevent bacteria and other microorganisms to the bread pollution, prolong the shelf life of bread food.