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Hammer Crusher

  • Contact Now PC Hammer Crusher
    High capacity PC Series Hammer crusher breaks the material through the impact force between the high-speed rotating hammers and materials. It has the advantages of simple structure, large crushing ratio and high production efficiency. It can be used both for dry and wet forms...
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  • Contact Now Reversible Hammer Crusher
    The PCK reversible hammer crusher is one of the main equipment for intermediate and fine crushing the brittle materials with crushing hardness less than medium, such as limestone, coal and others. Was widely used in trade of metallurgy, construction material, chemical...
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  • Contact Now Irreversible Hammer Crusher
    Hammer crushers are main equipment for intermediate crushing the limestone, coal and other brittle materials below medium hardness in mining, constructing, chemical and power stations. The crushers have the feature of high crushing rate, high output rate and their products...
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  • Contact Now Single Stage Hammer Crusher
    Single stage hammer crusher is the heavy hammer crusher, and it can be used for the crushing operations of limestone. The large single-forging hammer crusher can be directly crush the limestone 1000mm in diameter to about 20mm, with a powerful crushing capacity. This series...
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  • Contact Now Drying Hammer Crusher
    The drying hammer crusher is suitable for drying and thrashing of slurry and filter cake in the technological process of “Changing the Wet Treatment into Dry Treatment” in chemical plant and wet process cement plant and “wet grinding & dry ashing” of expanding cement...
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